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Jus Honna Business Blooming Boutique

Jus Honna Be Blooming

Hi, my name is Shahonna, but please just "Honna" for short is fine. So you probably are wondering how you could benefit from having me as your Blooming Coach.

As your Blooming  Coach, I will help you develop long-term plans to bloom (grow) more efficiently in the areas of your life you seek growth in. 

Although I guide my client's sessions by following my "5 Phases to Bloom", my approach is created uniquely for each client, including a personalized "Action" plan. 

I encourage my clients to look past the obstacles in front of them and stay focused on the ending result, which is a life that is blooming to its full potential.

Assessment Call

Our Discovery call is a 90-minute video call session that helps us guide our clients to uncover what they truly want and helps them to commit to starting the growing process the Fearless & Blooming way. 

We are so confident that you will find value in this session, that if you don't we will give you a full refund.

Money back guaranteed for this call!

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5 Phases to Bloom

The 5 Phases to Bloom, is one of our favorite services. The best way to describe this service would be to think of the life cycle of planting a flower.

Soil, Seed, Water, Sunlight, and Flower bud. Each phase plays an important role in helping clients create a solid and realistic plan and goal.  

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Sequence Of Bloom

There are different time periods in a business and in our personal lives when new ideas are birthed and introducing new ideas can be extremely overwhelming. We can help you put things into perspective by tackling the important parts first. 

Sequence of Bloom, is perfect for season business owners that are looking to revamp their business and business owners that prefer to continue speaking with a coach 

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What our customers are saying

Before meeting Honna, I was beginning to feel like I was in over my head. The cost of supplies and resources was expensive, and I felt like I was failing. Honna stepped in and redirected my thoughts to my reason for wanting to start my own business. She showed me how to utilize free resources and cost-friendly resources, as well. One of the tools that stood out the most was when she informed me that there is no such thing as a small budget for my business when starting. She also reminded me that I had many skills that I could use to save myself money. Her discovery call was a lot of fun. She asked questions, allowed me to talk, and gave me feedback. When I hung up, my creative flow was running wild. 

Chandler Brow​n - CEO of Lashed & Lavished 

Business Coaching Prices

Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Discovery Call 


One time fee

Money-back guarantee

90 minute session

Interactive Zoom video call

Business Start up Assessment 

Discovery call

5 Phases to Bloom


Per Month

Entrepreneur & Small Business Owners

Contracted service (5 months)

60 minute  bi weekly session

Interactive Zoom call

One phase per month

Soil, Seed, Water, Sunlight, and Flower Bud

Business Assessment (week one)

5 Phases to Bloom (per month)

5 Phases to Bloom


Per Month



Contracted service

(Starting at 12 Sessions)

60 minute session twice a month 

Interactive Zoom call

One phase a month 

Soil, Seed, Water, Sunlight, and Flower Bud.  

Sessions have part one and part for each phase

5 Phases to Bloom (per session)

Sequence Of Bloom


Per Hour

A 6-week contract at $100

 for six weeks  is recommended

90 minute session

Interactive Zoom call

One Sequence of Bloom a week 

Business Revamp/Add on Assessment

Sequence Of Bloom