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Jus Honna Business Blooming Boutique

Blooming Service

Business Savvy Plans

Extra hours start at $65 an hour, or you can upgrade to the next tier.

Check out our extensive listing of services!

Email Management/Filtering

Marketing Newsletters (via Mailchimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, or Constant


Calendar Confirmation and Booking Appointments

Following up with clients/customers (thank you and reminder emails)

Calendar Management

File Management (organizing files using Dropbox etc)

Creating Graphics

Creating ebooks

Research on certain topics for blog posts, newsletters, etc.

Personal errands (purchasing gifts for loved ones/family members


Creating landing pages and sales pages

Hotel and Flight Booking

Transcription (transcribing voicemail, video or audio, podcasts, etc.)

Creating basic reports (reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales)

*Preparing Slideshows for Webinars or Presentations

Recruitment and Outsourcing Management (source for other teams

members like writers or graphic artists)

*Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube,

*Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)

*Manage your Blog (Basic WordPress Management)

*Blog Management including writing posts

Editing Services

Filter and reply to comments on your blog

Other virtual services are available.

Sav Tier


Paid Monthly

15 hours 

Virtual Assistance 


Keep in mind that all services will not be used at once. Please discuss your business needs with your Virtual Assistant. Be aware of the tasks that you require your assistant to handle within your monthly service hours.

Sav Tier

Savvy Tier


Paid Monthly

20 hours

Virtual Assistance


Keep in mind that all services will not be used at once. Please discuss your business needs with your Virtual Assistant. Be aware of the tasks that you require your assistant to handle within your monthly service hours.

Savvy Tier

Savage Tier 


Per hour

Extra hours to add on Sav and Savvy Tier only!

Starting at 

1 hour

Virtual Assistance

We get it, every month can be different, and sometimes you need extra hours without upgrading to another tier. Purchase usable hours! You can add as many as hours as you want!

Savage Tier

Blog Management  Assistant


Includes 4 blogs and blog platform setup 

Blog Writer 

$125.00  and up  per blog

Writing Services

$65.00 per hour

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Prioritizing Blog Topics
  • Finding Guest bloggers
  • Format & Layout
  • Research on trending topics
  • Editing
  • Readability 

Learn More

Social Media Management

$250.00  Basic

$450.00 Standard

*$650.00 Deluxe

*$950.00 - $1000.00 Premium

Running a business and trying to stay current and active on Social Media can seem impossible and overwhelming. Our Social Media Management service will help!

Cultivation of leads and sales

Development of brand awareness and online reputation

Content management (including website)

Deliberate planning, strategy and goal setting

SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound traffic

Reputation management

Brand development

Email/Calander Management


Blog Management 

plus more!

Please book a consultation call for a more in-depth listing of services for each package.

*Includes $50.00 ad campaign

$20.00 Consultation Call

Does not include a traveling fee if needed

Learn More

Remote Personal Assistant

$350.00 and up

Project-Based Serviced can be used when a client requires remote administrative work from the Virtual Assistant.  

Such as :

Scheduling appointments

Email Management

Calendar Management 

Planning/Running a promotional event 

plus more!!

The client will be charged a flat fee for this type of service. The client can discuss the deadline for the project with the VA.

The client must specify the exact services that will be needed.

$20.00 Consultation Call

Does not include traveling fee if needed

Learn More

Digital Flyer

$50.00 for 2

$35.00 for 1

Must use stock images or images that do not need editing or background removed

Digital flyers can be used online for social media sites. The client must let the designer know which site and area it is for such as "Instagram Story"

price includes delivery

Printed Flyers double sided

100 for $120.00

150 for $135.00

250 for $145.00

500 for $155.00

1,000 for $165.00

1500 for $200.00

$15.00 30 min Consultation Call

Book Consultation

Digital Promo Video

$100.00 for 2

Promotional videos are commercial-like videos that showcase a clients brand in a more professional light, using advanced technology. The video runs as a daily ad between 2 to 4 weeks. Ad reaches over 500 people who aren't following you. This will help spread awareness and bring in traffic to your business. 20 to 45 seconds long, with music. 

Digital Video

(no ad campaign)

$50.00 for 1

Business Cards

500 for $105.00 

1,000 for $140.00 

double sided including delivery fee

price includes delivery

$15.00 30 min Consultation Call 

Book Consultation


Landing Page


1 Page

5 Sections

(No Store)

Booking Website Design


$130.00 for 

Booking Website

2 Pages

Page one. 4 sections

Page two, service bookings 

Basic Website Design


3 Pages

3 sections 

Up to  15 Boutique Items added by 

web designer 

(includes web domain, first-month WebHost fee, and privacy policy)

The client must provide a product picture, price, product name, and product description.

Premium Website Design


Up to 5 Pages

Online Store up to 20 items will be added, by the web designer.

Branded graphic design for the entire website.

The client must provide a product picture, price, product name, information, and privacy policy. FOR ALL PACKAGES

Or there will be an extra fee for these services. 

Privacy Policy $25.00


45 min Consultation call 


Book Consultation

What Our Customers Are Saying

Honna was absolutely wonderful. Her ideas were great and she made me feel comfortable with trusting her with my vision. She really goes the extra mile, to make sure the work is polished and professional. On top of creating an awesome website, she's on top of calling my customers back, and that alone has enhanced my brand.

Jenary Merced

CEO of 

EastGate Image Photo Booth

Jus Honna, worked on a huge project for my business. She was thorough, prompt and professional. I never felt like my business was not being cared for. Best Virtual Assistant a business a business owner could have!

Shameshia Holmes

My experience have been tremendous outstanding with Jus Honna. She has been very reliable, she responded to every message every text in an appropriate time. Doing business with you her is wonderful, she takes so much weight off me at the right time. And my website and online boutique is beautiful!

Sue Anne Murrell

Dressing Owner of

Unique Beauty Boutique